Quality Assurance Analyst

We are seeking an experience functional QA to build out Kyso's testing pipeline and ensure bug free delivery to customers

  • Salary: €60-€70k
  • Equity: 0.1%-0.3%
  • The opportunity to join a fast growing B2B SaaS startup, with a strong product offering and an aim to capture a more significant share of the market.
  • Closed Deal Commission - TBD.
  • Flexibility - to be able to balance personal and professional life.

Kyso's mission is to build the best possible platform for companies and research teams to share and discuss data analysis reports. Specifically, we render Jupyter and R notebooks elegantly so that everyone in the company can read them, and we integrate with Github so that teams can deploy notebooks to Kyso automatically when they commit to Github so that they retain version control. Our secret sauce is that we render the reports made by technical data-scientists in a way that a non-technical audience can read.

We are an early-stage startup with a fast-growing team, backed by some great investors like Techstars and Lunar Ventures. If you want to move to the best city in the world - Valencia, Spain - then you can work in the office with us. Otherwise, you can work **remotely** in the EU. This job will include equity commensurate with being one of the first hires in the company.


  • Define and execute test plans for every component in the architecture
  • Write e2e API tests and integrate them into our CI/CD pipeline
  • Take ownership of the functional requirements, questioning how we're developing the features and proposing improvements
  • Write high quality, well documented, complete and reproducible issues


  • Experience defining and executing test plans of complex applications
  • Experience working with Postman
  • Experience working with Gitlab
  • Experience covering edge cases and high quality input fuzzing
  • Professional level English. We all love learning languages at Kyso - but the working language of the company is English

Bonus points

  • You have a scientific background or a background in data-science
  • You have interest to learn how to automate frontend testing
  • Security testing
  • Empathetic and assured communication

Who is Kyso?

Kyso is an early-stage b2b data science startup with a fast-growing team, backed by some great investors like Techstars, Lunar Ventures, Tribal Ventures and more. Our goal is to democratise access to data science across the organisation, so everyone - and we do mean everyone - has the best information available to them at all times, and can make optimal, evidence-based decisions.

What are our values?

At Kyso, we believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace makes us a more relevant, more competitive, and more resilient company.  We look for culture add rather than culture fit, knowing that diversity makes us stronger and more successful and we also know it takes an inclusive workplace with a strong sense of belonging to fully empower us. We value all the perspectives our team brings to the table and we want to hear from YOU.

We expect high-quality performance from everyone and, in return, we  aim to give all of our employees the tools to do their best work. We are committed to making a consistent, top down effort to ensure that everyone on the team succeeds, and not only at Kyso. We have no desire to shackle our employees to the company forever, and encourage you to document and share your work and experience with us, to build out your portfolio for whatever the future may hold for you.  

What is it like to work at Kyso?

Kyso is a remote-first company. The majority of the team is currently based in Valencia, Spain (an amazing city we'd be delighted to share with you), but we don't have a central headquarters. We hire from anywhere within the EU.

We strive to cultivate a high-respect, high-autonomy environment, with no micro-management. We understand that you have your own individual preference on how/when you do your best work. We only ask that there is some overlap with the rest of the team so you can collaborate optimally your colleagues!

There are only two half-hour team meetings per week - Monday and Friday mornings. We don't track days off or hours away, and are very flexible with holidays (we recommend 4 weeks at least). We evaluate performance based on results only and want you to enjoy a comfortable work-life balance.

What to expect during the hiring process?

For any position, the interview/hiring process typically lasts 2-4 weeks, and entails:

1. An initial conversation with one of our co-founders, depending on the position you are applying for. This is a technical interview on your fit for the role, based on a mix  of professional, academic, and personal skills - we aim to give everyone a fair chance.
2. [For developer hires only] Take home project, a small 1-3hr pro3ject that allows you to show off your developer skills - we pay you €100 to do this; we do not believe in unpaid labour.
3. [For developer hires only]  Technical interview with our CTO Fran.
4. Final interview/team fit chat with someone else on the Exec team.
5. We send you out an offer package by email, this is to allow you to negotiate in writing.
6. You have the option to schedule a final call with Eoin to address any questions or concerns you might have, and to iron out the finer details, such as starting date, etc.

Who should apply?

Kyso is an equal opportunity employer. We especially want to hear from those who are underrepresented in our industry: people of colour, LGBTQ+ folks, women, people with disabilities and people of any age or family status.

We also encourage you to apply even if you do not fit 100% of the technical requirements. Experience is just one of a number of different criteria we look for in candidates. We definitely want to talk if you are also highly motivated and possess critical thinking skills.